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NorthScope ERP Software Expands Support for Alaska Seafood Processors

Throughout 2018, the Northlake Partners, creators of NorthScope ERP software, invested in expanding NorthScope’s features to further support Alaska Seafood Processing. Today, they announced their list of new features that are available with NorthScope. Key features announced for Alaska Seafood Processors include…

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NorthScope Software Solution for Alaskan Seafood Processors

NorthScope is the most powerful software enhancement suite available for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of the food manufacturing and distribution industry. It is an easy-to-use, highly secure, web-based solution with over 10 feature modules, including Sales Management, Inventory Control, Shipping & Logistics, Manufacturing, Financial, Purchasing…

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Is it Time to Re-Think Your Current Business Strategy?

The Northlake Partners are experts in advanced business software and provide professional services to small and midsized businesses in the United States, South America, Canada, and Europe. Among our many offered services, we specialize in software development, process improvement, project management, and software implementation.

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Has Your Company Outgrown Quickbooks?

A key goal of almost any business, big or small, is growth. Several factors play in to how successful companies are in meeting that goal, including front-end efforts such as sales staff, vendors, marketing plans and customer service. While having a strong operational front to promote, buy, and sell, it is equally if not more important that back-end efforts such as ERP systems remain strong and are poised for growth.

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