NorthScope ERP Makes Fisherman Loan Management Easier for Alaska Seafood Processors in Q3

As a venture that began and finished in the third quarter of 2019, NorthScope, ERP software for Alaska Seafood Processing, has expanded its Fisherman Loan management capabilities. To make NorthScope’s Fisherman Loan management more robust, the ability to automate interest charges and payments on Fisherman Loan balances was added.


The new ability to automate Fisherman Loan interest charges allows NorthScope users to calculate and process interest charges on Fisherman Loan balances on an annual or monthly interest rate for multiple fishermen at a time, providing an accurate and efficient solution to charging interest on Fisherman Loans. Similarly, the added functionality to automate Fisherman Loan interest payments allows users to do the same for payments on Fisherman Loan balances.

Prior to Q3, NorthScope users could easily manage Fisherman Loans with functionalities to track individual loans to fishermen, charge interest on Fisherman Loans, print and distribute loan statements, apply payments to Fisherman Loans and apply Fish Ticket balances to Fisherman Loans but could not automate the interest or payments on Fisherman Loans.

Regarding the new addition for automating interest charges and payments on Fisherman Loan balances, NorthScope Product Manager, Jacob Swanson, said, “We try to take advantage of every opportunity to automate a process that was previously manual for our users because our goal is to simply make our users’ lives easier. So by automating Fisherman Loan interest charges and payments, we were able to give our users some time back in their day while adding efficiency and accuracy to their business processes.”

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About NorthScope: NorthScope is ERP software for food manufacturers created by the Northlake Partners (NLP) to specifically support the Alaska SeafoodFruit and VegetableAquaculture, and Primary Food Processing industries. Since 2008, NLP has been providing ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.