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Our Culture

Everything we do is a reflection of our core values.

Self-Employed Mentality

This isn’t just a “JOB”. We all act like we own the place.

We view ourselves as individual business owners that sell our services to Northlake Partners. As owners, we’re not only focused on what we deliver but on how we conduct ourselves, the level of our personal accountability, how we portray the company image, and how much we exceed expectations.

This is important because no matter where someone works, or who they work for, if they approach their job this way, they will improve their organization and make themselves more valuable.


We are team members, not employees.

We’re part of team that’s only successful when everyone’s doing their part. Each team member’s contribution is vital, and we don’t let the team down or expect others to pick up our slack. When someone’s struggling, we help them and don’t worry about who gets the credit.

This is important because no one succeeds unless the company succeeds. No matter what you do, your success is dependent on how well others do their jobs and the success of others is dependent on you.

Momentum Theorem

Focused intensity over time, with perseverance, creates unstoppable momentum.

We’re focused on building the best solution and remaining the leader in our market. With grit and perseverance, we’re constantly making progress and we don’t let external factors define our success. Challenges do not surprise us, they are expected events that we overcome.

This is important because a person with perseverance does not let difficulty or opposition prevent them from achieving their goals. This is a trait that makes people more successful in every aspect of their lives.

Share the Profits

We win together, we lose together.

We don’t give bonuses, we share profits. The success of the company is dependent on how well the TEAM maximizes revenue and manages expenses. When the company meets profit goals, there’s profit to be shared but when it does not, there’s nothing to share. We don’t reward individuals when the company is not achieving its goals.

This is important because we cannot exist as a company if we’re not profitable and every team member impacts that. Raises are paid for by profit, not hope.

Excellence in the Ordinary

Everything matters, especially the little things.

Everything we do, no matter how small or insignificant we think it is, impacts someone. What may seem unimportant to us often matters a great deal to someone else, so we are always diligent and professional in everything.

This is important because the quality of our service is the real indication to customers and other team members how important they are to us. When we pay attention to the little things, we gain trust and credibility in bigger things.

No Gossiping, No Complaining

We pass negatives up and positives all around.

When there’s an issue with a team member, customer, or vendor we discuss it immediately and only with someone that can bring a solution. When another team member sets a positive example, we make sure others know about it.

This is important because gossiping and complaining damages our team and we have no tolerance for things that damage our team. Gossip hurts both the person being discussed and the person gossiping and complaining does not seek to solve anything, but rather to tear down. However, publicly praising someone for a job well done costs nothing and has a major positive impact on the team.


We are doing work that matters.

We don’t just build a software application, we build and support a tool that people spend their entire workday using. What we do directly impacts our user’s ability to perform their jobs, meet regulatory compliance and serve their customers. Our software can also be the difference between a company making a profit or going out of business.

This is important because we have a large impact on the daily job satisfaction of many people around the world. We also have an impact on the profitability of our customers. Saving them money allows them to hire more people, improve their company, and improve the lives of their employees.

Work Life Balance

We balance our work life and family life.

We get paid to be here and achieve results, not to occupy a seat. This means while we’re at work, we’re diligently focused on achieving company objectives, not on distractions. However, when we’re off work, it’s just as important to be “off work” and be both mentally and physically present in other things.

This is important because work and family are both important but over-feeding one at the expense of the other is dangerous. While factors may impact this balance in the short term, these must be in balance over the long term. Neglecting your family because of work will not be rewarded here. Likewise, if your social life is hurting your ability to perform at a high level you will be out of a job.

Character Matters

We believe character matters all the time.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust and we’re no different. We expect team members to honor commitments, be honest, ethical, and treat others with respect. These character traits are expected both at and away from work.

This is important because people of high character make better team members, friends, and acquaintances and they are more valuable to organizations. Our character at work directly impacts how we are viewed by customers and our character away from work impacts how our team members view us.

Exceed Expectations

We always exceed expectations.

We exceed customer and team member expectations in everything we do and never consider the “minimum required” to be good enough. We always look for opportunities to better “serve” someone by asking ourselves “What can I do to make things better?”.

This is important because people that provide something that makes life easier for others will always be needed. We are not here to “do work”, we are here to make the lives of our customers better. The more value we provide them, the more opportunities they will give us to serve them.


We challenge the status quo, not our principles.

We do not waiver on our principles but everything else can be challenged. All team members are expected to be creative and innovative by coming up with new ways to improve the company and make the lives of our customers better. Great ideas are implemented, no matter who they come from.

This is important because principles shape the character of the company, so they are sacred. “How” we do things, and the tools we use are not sacred, so they should be challenged and constantly improved.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Everything needs to be delivered right, the first time.

Everything we do must be delivered complete and error-free. Our customers, and other team members, must have confidence that if we say we did it, they know it was done right. Anything less, is unacceptable.

This is important because our errors result in additional time, expense, and frustration for our customers and other team members. Without a good reputation in this area, customers will be skeptical and cautious with everything we deliver. Being bad at this hurts our reputation in the market and greatly reduces the amount of profit sharing available to all team members.

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Your Future Teammates

Meet some of the NLP team and read what they have to say about working here.

implementation developer quote

“At the NLP your work carries weight, your impact is felt every day, and someone always has your back. You can be the difference between a good and bad client experience which means that your success is fully in your control. I value the responsibility, learning opportunities, freedom and feeling of accomplishment that provides.”

Nathan Zimmerman
Implementation Developer

software tester quote

“NLP provides a great work environment – they are sensitive to balancing work and personal time and they are always ready to provide assistance to help you learn new skills.  They make me feel like I matter, like my work matters and that we are all part of a team striving to reach the goal, which no one has to do alone.”

Emma Greenwood
Software Tester

product manager quote

“NLP is a place of opportunity. The great thing about working here is that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and your growth depends solely on you. Not only that, it is a place where you are encouraged to share your input on everything and that’s what continues to make it a better place.”

Jacob Swanson
Product Manager

marketing coordinator quote

“NLP took a chance on me and every day when I come into work I feel invested in, believed in and valued. It’s a great place to work with great people that really care.”

Tatum Garino
Marketing Coordinator

development manager quote

“Every day is a new adventure at NLP and no two days are ever the same. Every team member has something unique to contribute towards helping our customers succeed and it’s really amazing to come to work with – and learn from – people having such diverse backgrounds, skill sets and experiences.”

Wes Backous
Development Manager

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