Our Culture

Our Mission & Values

Building better software so you can build a better business.

The “you” in our mission refers to both our customers and our team members. 

For our customers: We provide ERP software and step-by-step guidance, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted. Read More

For our team members: We don’t hire “employees,” we hire team members that think and act like independent business owners. Read More

And each day, we live out our mission through our core values.

We work as a team.

Our job titles aren’t there to keep us in “lanes” but to highlight the individual skillsets that make up our team. We’re a team working towards the same goal, so we win together or lose together. Everyone’s contribution is vital, so we don’t let the team down or expect others to pick up our slack. When someone’s struggling, we help them and don’t worry about who gets the credit. We don’t tolerate anything that damages our team including poor work results, gossip and negativity.

We serve our customers.

We exist to make our customers’ lives better and this starts with building great software. Our software is the tool our customers spend their entire work day using, so making this better directly impacts their ability to perform their jobs happily, successfully, and efficiently. However, we don’t stop at software. If it’s within our ability, we do whatever is necessary to serve our customers and make their lives better.

We take ownership.

This isn’t just a “J-O-B” – we all work like we own the place. As owners, we’re not just focused on what we deliver but on how we conduct ourselves, the level of personal accountability, and how we represent the company. We’re here to serve our customers, contribute to the team, and exceed expectations, not simply to occupy a seat. This means we take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable so we’re here when scheduled, we don’t miss deadlines, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We exceed expectations.

Everything we do matters to someone so we always aim for excellence, no matter how small or insignificant a task may seem. Our work is high quality and delivered correctly, the first time. We constantly challenge ourselves and other team members to improve and become better versions of ourselves. Our team members are honest, ethical and of high character and we honor commitments and treat others with respect.

Our Team

Meet some of the NLP team and read what they have to say about working here.

development manager quote

“Every day is a new adventure at NLP and no two days are ever the same. Every team member has something unique to contribute towards helping our customers succeed and it’s really amazing to come to work with – and learn from – people having such diverse backgrounds, skill sets and experiences.”

Wes Backous
Software Architect

software tester quote

“NLP provides a great work environment – they are sensitive to balancing work and personal time and they are always ready to provide assistance to help you learn new skills.  They make me feel like I matter, like my work matters and that we are all part of a team striving to reach the goal, which no one has to do alone.”

Emma Greenwood
Quality Assurance

marketing coordinator quote

“NLP took a chance on me and every day when I come into work I feel invested in, believed in and valued. It’s a great place to work with great people that really care.”

Tatum Garino
Communications Manager

product manager quote

“NLP is a place of opportunity. The great thing about working here is that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and your growth depends solely on you. Not only that, it is a place where you are encouraged to share your input on everything and that’s what continues to make it a better place.”

Jacob Swanson
Development Manager

product manager quote

“Working with the NLP has given me the opportunity to greatly enhance my skillset. Additionally, it is so fun to interact with customers and provide them unique solutions to their problems. The NLP makes me feel like they care about giving me every chance to grow and making sure my feelings are heard. Everyone has something to contribute to the team and the software and it’s rewarding to see my ideas implemented by our team and used by our customers. I enjoy the challenge, as no two problems are ever the same in support.”

Tyler Mathison
Support Lead

Our Approach

We’re the creators of NorthScope, ERP software to manage the unique needs of food companies. We’re different than those other guys.

Wouldn’t it be great if your team was fulfilled at work? Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your time working on valuable things you enjoy doing? We think so, in fact, they’re the reasons WHY we do what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if your service providers were backed by a team that’s with you for the long haul? Wouldn’t it be great if your vendors always provided you great customer service and exceeded your expectations? We agree and that’s HOW we do what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if your ERP software was easy to implement, cost effective and made your life better? This is WHAT we do.

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Our Leaders

Overall, we strive to offer an environment that helps team members build the best life that they can. Also, our goal of really serving our customers is very, very strong. Since the beginning, we’ve always done whatever it takes to make and keep them happy. We learned early on that if people throw problems at you and you make those problems go away, they will keep asking you to help with other things.

Adam Herman

Managing Partner

Too many companies over promise, under deliver, and don’t care about their customers or team members. At Northlake Partners we believe differently. We never break a commitment, we never lie (even if it costs us sales), we never justify unethical behavior, we exceed customer expectations, and we treat our team members with respect. We’re looking for team members that believe what we believe and want to help us make the lives of our customers better.

Tom Williams

Managing Partner