Business Intelligence

Businesses today create and store more data than ever before in their accounting systems, payroll systems, standalone databases, spreadsheets and more. This isn’t helped at all by ever-increasing government regulations, customer requirements and daily transactions. Even companies that run on a single system are likely to have data they enter but can’t retrieve very easily. Easily retrievable data is very valuable, and can really help you analyze your business’s performance, identify opportunities, and make strategic decisions.

Because information is so valuable, many people within organizations set up and maintain standalone systems to store the data they need to perform their job. Not only is this method costly due to the duplicate data entry, but time delays and associated risks with having mission-critical applications that are unsupported or only having one person trained within the organization is a problem.

At Northlake Partners, we understand not only the importance of data and information, but we also know that the key to success is how you utilize that data. We’ve worked with many reporting paradigms and have built custom dashboards to help our clients analyze their business and make strategic decisions.

Northlake Partners provides business intelligence services using the following tools and technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Analysis Services

Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel and Pivot Tables

Crystal Reports