Northlake Partners announces the NorthScope Software Solution for Alaskan Seafood Processors


What is NorthScope?

NorthScope is the most powerful software enhancement suite available for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of the food manufacturing and distribution industry. It is an easy-to-use, highly secure, web-based solution with over 10 feature modules, including Sales Management, Inventory Control, Shipping & Logistics, Manufacturing, Financial, Purchasing, Sales Contracts, and more. All included features and tools have been built based on a combination of customer feedback and industry standards to fulfill regulatory compliances. NorthScope is designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other ERP systems.

Features for the Alaskan Seafood Industry

The Northlake Partners worked with industry experts to develop the included tools. An important feature in this update is the fish ticket integration to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s (ADF&G) eLandings website. Users can use NorthScope’s simple data entry format to create fish tickets. Details fields, such as species, stat areas, conditions, dispositions, gear, and management programs, are pre-loaded and continuously updated with official codes from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. The information from these tickets can then be directly uploaded to and downloaded from Alaskan eLandings databases. Other key features include:

  • Fisherman Management
  • Real time Settlement Balances
  • Settlement Check splits
  • Employee Management
  • General Ledger and month-end close
  • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Tracking
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Sales & Inventory

Licensing & Availability

NorthScope’s tools for Alaskan seafood are available to NorthScope users who have purchased the Alaska Seafood license. For more information on obtaining these features for your NorthScope system, contact The Northlake Partners.

About the Northlake Partners

The Northlake Partners, based in Redmond, WA, provides advanced business software and professional services to help companies meet customer demands, fulfill regulatory compliance, and improve the efficiency of their business operations.