Is it Time to Re-Think Your Current Business Strategy?


People who embrace change can still find themselves reluctant to move out of their comfort zone once in a while, even when they wholeheartedly acknowledge the fact that things have absolutely got to change before they fall apart. Some may be completely unaware that things are falling apart on them, and haven’t taken the time to self-evaluate, and others may have begun to recognize problems, but are unsure or even afraid of where to begin implementing a solution. Business systems are no exception to any of these scenarios.

Even the smallest businesses are complex, and have complex strategies and procedures in place to manage departments, projects, and transactions. You can only imagine how much more complicated those complexities get when it’s increased to corporate enterprise levels!

Whether or not you’re trying to implement, change up, or improve your business, here’s some questions that would be good for business owners, managers or team leads to consider:

  1. Are you satisfied with your current business plans and software?
  2. Are you meeting project deadlines?
  3. Are your projects and departments staying within their allotted budgets?
  4. Is there a schedule in place for reviewing data, performance and profitability?
  5. Have those review schedules been regularly met?
  6. Are ALL employees and managers properly trained on current procedures?
  7. Do you have an existing resource for finding, implementing, and managing new projects, software, and procedures?
  8. Are you able to quickly and painlessly install new software and make changes?
  9. Are business intelligence reports simple to compile and read?
  10. Do you have an in-house team completely dedicated to project management, software development, and system sourcing & implementation?
  11. Do you have an existing ERP software system in place?
  12. If yes to #11 – Is the current ERP software you have installed the same software you installed when you started your business?
  13. If yes to #11 – Is the current ERP software you have installed able to meet the needs of your current business situation and more?

If you answered “No” to at least three of the above questions, it might be a good idea to consider looking for someone to help identify and smooth out any wrinkles in your business.

The Northlake Partners are experts in advanced business software and provide professional services to small and midsized businesses in the United States, South America, Canada, and Europe. Among our many offered services, we specialize in software development, system sourcing, project management, and software implementation. We are the creators of NorthScope, a web-based suite of enhancement modules for Microsoft Dynamics GP, specifically designed to manage sales, distribution, inventory, business analysis, and more.