Software Implementation

Once you choose a system, it will need to be set up and tweaked to work the way you need it. Simply buying the “best system” doesn’t mean you’ll implement the best “solution”. Small application implementations can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks, while larger applications can take several months. It goes without saying that this phase can be challenging and expensive.

Software implementations aren’t often easy, and they’re made even more complicated when they cover multiple departments or impact more staff. The cost of implementations for medium-to-large applications is very often more than the cost of the software, and those costs are driven even higher without good project management. A lack of good methodology for managing the implementation will likely result in additional hours being put in from the software vendor, or the timeline will need to be extended. Both of these options will cost more money.

Northlake Partners can help by making sure your business requirements are being met, keeping implementation on schedule, maintaining accountability on all sides, and giving management visibility over the project. We have experience managing implementations for many types of software, and you can leverage our experience and methodology to save you money. Because we work for you and not the software vendor, our focus will be to keep your costs down. Let us focus on managing the implementation process so you can focus on your business.

Here’s a list of some of the types of applications we’ve helped clients source and implement:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Barcode Data Collection

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Production Scheduling

Time Clock

Payroll and Human Resources

Custom Applications

Business Intelligence (Reporting) Applications