Software Development

Software development is a complex task. It demands thorough gathering of information and planning in order to be successful. We’ve seen many companies attempt to develop applications in-house with existing staff or contracted labor, and more often than not, the solution may end up fulfilling short-term needs, but in the long run it’s not a valid solution. Application development typically comes second to everyday tasks of internal staff, and contracted labor may be skilled enough to build code for the application, but may not have the experience and skill necessary to understand long-term business cases for applications.

Whether your development needs include a simple add-on feature, or developing a full application, our team at The Northlake Partners has the ability to review your needs and provide a proper assessment of what’s needed. We provide complete development services for gathering requirements, planning business rules, designing databases, and developing user interfaces.

Partnering with a company that specializes in business software development, like the Northlake Partners, has numerous benefits, including:

Focused Resources

Broad Experience

Formal Development Processes

Combination of Technology and Business Process Knowledge

Faster to Incorporate New Technology

Long-term Risk Reduction – by not having development IP leave with employees