Project Management

Project management has a few core elements that are pretty universal, regardless of the type of project. Effectively managing the budget, timeline, requirements, and resources are vital to a successful project. Many companies these days are so busy or lack the resources to have a dedicated staff for project management.

Failing to properly managing all aspects of a project can be expensive. Going over budget, extending timelines, and not achieving desired results are just some of the pitfalls that can show up from poor project management. Tension and a lack of departmental synergy can also occur if the project manager is not neutral and/or focused on making sure that all parties are as involved as necessary.

The team members at The Northlake Partners have plenty of experience managing both technology-based, and non-technology based projects. We know what it takes to staff, monitor, and manage projects of varying size and complexity. Many companies start projects without a clear understanding of the time commitment, resource availability, and budget necessary to complete the entire process. Whether it’s helping you establish those requirements and scope, create the project plan, manage the execution, and/or analyze the results, The Northlake Partners team can fulfill your project management needs.

The following are just some examples of project areas we have managed and/or helped clients set up to manage their own internal procedures:

System Sourcing

System Implementation

Shipping Process Improvements

Merging Business Systems

Corporate Paper Reduction

Month End and Year End Closing

Production Throughput

Inventory Management