Process Improvement

Incorporating habits of consistently reviewing how things are done and how to improve them is a common and powerful characteristic of industry leading companies. Constant process improvement has existed on the shop floor of manufacturing and processing companies for several years, and is often referred to as lean manufacturing. The lean principles of identifying value, reducing waste, and measuring performance are now used throughout numerous industries across all functional departments.

Implementing ERP systems can have an effect on an entire business, and include functionality from accounting down through the shop floor. This experience has given the Northlake team important insight into best practices and methods for streamlining processes. We’ve helped companies reduce the number of steps, reduce man hours, and improve accuracy throughout their internal procedures and processes. Having an unbiased outsider’s view and knowledge of these best practices provides us with an advantage for identifying and eliminating non-value added tasks.

Here are some examples of areas where we can help your organization improve efficiency:

Sales Order & Invoice Processing

Month End and Year End Closing

Shipping & Distribution Procedures

Barcoding  & Warehousing

Executive Reporting

Lot Tracking & Recall Procedures