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Software Tester

Purpose of the Role

We created NorthScope, an ERP application designed specifically for food manufacturing companies. In addition to providing the software, we also assist in the implementation and we provide ongoing support and services.

The sole reason we exist, is to provide our customers with the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted. Our Software Testers are an integral part of this mission, and the overall happiness of our customers, because they directly impact the ease of use, quality, and accuracy of the software we deliver.

Your role would be to administer, update, and create test plans and cases that cover every page and function within the software and to ensure the continuity, quality, and supportability of the application.

We’re not simply looking for an experienced software tester that can follow test plans. We’re looking for someone that wants to make an impact in their company by setting a great example, upholding our core values, and ensuring their team meets objectives.

A Day in the Life

Most of your time each day will be spent testing development items that have been released to QA. This will include ensuring each item has a documented test plan that is complete and accurate and testing the item according to that plan.

In a typical week, you will work closely with our:

  • Development team to ensure their work meets our standards.
  • Development Manager to ensure we have accurate testing budgets and that your testing is on time and on budget.
  • Implementation & Support Team to ensure you understand how the items you test will be used by our customers.

On occasion, you may also be asked to help with customer support by assisting in reproducing issues.

Not every page/feature comes with an existing test plan. As a result, a big part of this job will be writing them and ensuring they are stored in a way they can be easily applied to future development items. In addition, as you are testing, we expect you to put yourself in the position of our customers and identify any gaps that should be fixed that were not identified in the development item.


  • Ensure everything we release functions correctly and meets our quality objectives.
  • Complete manual testing of development items per the test plan.
  • Interact with development during testing and update the progress within Jira.
  • Meet with designers before testing to ensure you know how items will be used by customers.
  • Ensure design documents are accurate before and during testing.
  • Update and create test plans to cover all the system scenarios that must be tested.
  • Create, manage and maintain the test data for the test systems we use.
  • Develop and maintain internal documentation.
  • Assist with reproducing bugs reported by our support team.
  • Master the functionality of NorthScope from a user perspective.
  • Translate each released item into our weekly software release notes.

Experience & Skills You Must Have

Applicants are expected to have familiarity with everything on the list and work experience with MOST of them.

  • 1+ years’ experience in hands-on software testing required
  • Strong organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills, with great attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to collaborate effectively in a team setting
  • Ability to create concise and accurate reproduction steps for software bugs
  • High level of initiative and personal accountability
  • Ability to effectively execute in a high-pressure environment and learn quickly
  • Ability to conform to shifting priorities, demands and timelines


  • Experience with Jira
  • Experience testing large applications (particularly ERP systems)
  • Experience writing test plans
  • Experience with test automation
  • Familiar with software testing methodologies and best practices
  • Basic knowledge of SQL

Our Culture

Everything we do is a reflection of our core values. Therefore, we ask that you view our culture to ensure we're a good fit for you, just as you are for us before submitting an application.


Because we value our employees’ time while also recognizing the needs of our clients, we want to keep commuting to a minimum.  Therefore, we only screen resumes of applicants who live within a 45-minute commute of our office.

Direct applicants only, please (no recruiters).

Software Tester

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