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Enterprise Software Implementation Manager

So here’s the deal…

We’re not a regular tech company, we’re a “cool” tech company and we do things our way. You may be accustomed to tech companies that work with their “heads down” and give you a small piece of the big picture to “own” but at Northlake Partners (NLP) working as a team and taking ownership are in our DNA – or rather, in our core values (they’re literally two of our four core values). So to us, being collaborative, supporting each other and helping each other out is more important than throwing on some headphones, keeping to yourself and grinding out your work all alone – although to be fully transparent, that does happen from time to time. To us, “owning” a small piece of the big picture doesn’t really allow you to take ownership if you don’t have the big picture to see where your piece fits in and how it can be improved. So instead, we want everyone to know where we’re going, why we’re going there and own their part in making it happen. We are a remote company but that doesn’t stop us from being engaged with one another and working as a team. If you believe people should be enriched at work and you love to serve people, you’re our kind of people – so keep reading!

Consider yourself warned…

This job is going to be hard. We’re a small company experiencing some major growth, which means a lot of opportunity for growth for you (yay!) but it also means we may experience some growing pains, so you need to be committed to the cause and believe what we believe (re: last sentence in section above). The team members that tend to be most successful here are the ones that enjoy being in the trenches and fighting their way out, facing problems head on and figuring out the best solution. The most successful team members are the ones who are vocal and unafraid to speak up when they have an idea or opinion but are humble enough to recognize when someone else’s idea or opinion is better and will commit themselves to following through with the best idea no matter who or where it came from. They’re the “doers” that are driven, self-motivated, resourceful, curious, constantly seeking new knowledge and want to succeed and grow. But that’s not all! They’re also the ones who play well with others and are communicative, dependable, honest and perceptive of others.

No day will be the same and sometimes we don’t even know how to write these dang job descriptions because our “jobs” change daily. But, don’t worry, you’ll know what will be expected of you. In fact, you can know right now if you keep reading!

What we’ll expect of you…

A Day in the Life of an NLP Software Implementation Manager

Do you love leading a small team of individuals to work with customers from all walks of life using technology and common sense to solve business problems? Do you have some existing experience you can use which relates to these tasks? If so, you would love our Software Implementation Manager position.

In short, the Software Implementation Manager is responsible for the happiness, efficiency and productivity of the software implementation team and our customers. Once someone is a customer of ours, we want to keep them happy so they stay with us forever, and making sure their software is implemented and supported correctly is incredibly important!


  • Manage all software implementation projects.
    • We have standard ways that the NorthScope ERP software should be implemented, and we need to make sure we are documenting, following, and improving our best practices to ensure smooth and successful implementations.
  • Lead the software implementation and support team.
    • At NLP, the team that implements the software is the same team that supports it so that our customers are always taken care of by the same group of people. This involves understanding how support works, participating when appropriate and making sure the support team and the customer have the tools they need to do their jobs.
  • Strategize
    • While we have been doing this for a long time, we need someone who can always make and take suggestions on better ways to do things so that we can constantly improve.
    • We spend a lot of time strategizing with customers on how to solve their problems as their businesses grow and change. We need to be confident, creative, and helpful whenever we are asked to help solve a problem.
  • Build relationships.
    • Long-term relationships with our customers are very important and we want to always be here for them. This means getting to know their businesses, expectations and how they work so that we can provide expert advice and stand in whenever they need help with something that is related to the NorthScope system.


  • Sales Demos
    • At NLP, we’re all about serving our customers and that starts with our first contact with them before they’re even our customers. You may be looped into the sales process to be introduced before new deals are signed and participate in how a new customer is onboarded.
  • Present to the team
    • We have weekly company meetings and at different times each department is asked to present updates on what they’re working on, exciting accomplishments, etc. As the Implementation Manager, you will be asked to do the same on occasion.
  • Fill in the blank
    • We are a small company and sometimes unexpected things come up. Team members at NLP are the most successful when they can jump in and help others as needed if it is helping the overall direction of the company.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs)

Based on the day in the life documented above, here’s what will be expected of you:

  • Standardize and maintain our software implementation process targeting smooth, efficient, templated implementations while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Manage the software implementation team including annual reviews and quarterly check-ins.
  • Track and report on all existing software implementation projects as well as ongoing support to ensure company goals and metrics are measured.
  • Maintain an excellent level of customer satisfaction with all existing customers.
  • Become an expert in both the NorthScope software platform and how our customers use the software.
  • Up-sell new projects to existing customers as appropriate and when it makes sense for both parties.

The Non-Negotiables

In addition to the KRAs listed above, we have a few non-negotiable traits, skills, etc. that we’re looking for and also not looking for.

  • At least 3-5 years’ experience in a related field that will serve as a building ground for software implementation management.
  • Strong background in accounting or other business operations positions which has given you a wide area of exposure and experience to pull from.
  • Experience using or implementing an ERP or similar system.
  • Proven ability to make strong personal connections and overcome issues to achieve results.
  • Proven ability to grow existing and develop new processes and procedures.
  • Proven ability to achieve individual and team goals so that company metrics are met or exceeded.
  • Ability to learn the software and be able to articulate how it can benefit our customers.
  • Ability to interact with both C-level executives as well as lower-level data entry users and everything in between.
  • Recruiters need not apply, direct applicants only.

Nice To Have But Not Required

  • Experience in the food industry

What you can expect of us…

Our mission is to build better software so you can build a better business and the “you” refers to both our customers and our team members.

For our customers, this means that as a team we provide ERP software (it’s called NorthScope) and step-by-step guidance, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted. We take away their pain points by listening to their problems and coming up with the best, most efficient, long-term solutions. Our mission isn’t to simply snag the next deal, it’s to help our customers succeed and to be the best vendor they work with. We always exceed their expectations while providing them the best software solutions that make them more efficient.

As a company, we don’t hire “employees,” we hire team members that think and act like independent business owners. We invest in this mindset by providing training, tools and the opportunity for growth and success. We empower team members and expect everyone to have a voice, even if what they have to say is outside the “parameters” of their job title. We believe the best way to grow our company is to simultaneously grow each team member’s individual “business,” making this a dynamic place to work.

And each day, we live out our mission through our core values:

  • We work as a team: Our job titles aren’t there to keep us in “lanes” but to highlight the individual skillsets that make up our team. We’re a team working towards the same goal, so we win together or lose together. Everyone’s contribution is vital, so we don’t let the team down or expect others to pick up our slack. When someone’s struggling, we help them and don’t worry about who gets the credit. We don’t tolerate anything that damages our team including poor work results, gossip and negativity.
  • We serve our customers: We exist to make our customers’ lives better and this starts with building great software. Our software is the tool our customers spend their entire workday using, so making this better directly impacts their ability to perform their jobs happily, successfully, and efficiently. However, we don’t stop at software. If it’s within our ability, we do whatever is necessary to serve our customers and make their lives better.
  • We take ownership: This isn’t just a “J-O-B” – we all work like we own the place. As owners, we’re not just focused on what we deliver but on how we conduct ourselves, the level of personal accountability, and how we represent the company. We’re here to serve our customers, contribute to the team, and exceed expectations, not simply to occupy a seat. This means we take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable so we’re here when scheduled, we don’t miss deadlines, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.
  • We exceed expectations: Everything we do matters to someone so we always aim for excellence, no matter how small or insignificant a task may seem. Our work is high quality and delivered correctly, the first time. We constantly challenge ourselves and other team members to improve and become better versions of ourselves. Our team members are honest, ethical and of high character and we honor commitments and treat others with respect.

Oh, you can also expect us to provide competitive pay and benefits. We anticipate the annual compensation to be anywhere from $85 to $115k annually, made up of a base salary plus bonuses.

Don’t worry, we won’t stop you there – if you want to earn above average pay you have to be above average.), generous PTO, paid holidays, 40-hour weeks, a challenging workplace, medical, dental and vision, short-term and long-term disability, 401k with employer match, profit sharing and opportunities for growth.  This is currently a remote position, however NLP is located in the Seattle area and we do meet up from time to time so we are looking for a local candidate.

Enterprise Software Implementation Manager

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